Remember Before You Go Away, Get Travel Insurance!

Despite travel insurance being so accessible and easy to book these days, you may find it surprising to know that many holiday makers still choose to take the unnecessary risk of venturing abroad with no cover whatsoever.

You may view travel insurance as an unnecessary addition to the cost of your holiday. In all of your previous holidays you’ve taken out insurance but haven’t needed it once, so why should you pay the extra £30 for insurance this time? It’s tempting fate to do this even once and the result will possibly be a holiday that rapidly loses all semblance of enjoyment.

So what’s the worst that can happen? Well, take a look at these ‘worst case scenarios’ and find out why you really should be taking the time to sort out your policy.

Firstly, what if you get to the airport and your flight is delayed for the night? It may transpire that you have to find accommodation at the airport resulting in the cancellation of excursions that you had planned for when you landed in your chosen destination. A sound policy can make sure that you recover costs that you may have lost due to delays.

How about if you arrive at your destination to find that your bag fails to materialise at the baggage collection? That’s your digital camera gone, as well as the clothing, toiletries and gadgets that had been lovingly packed in preparation for your holiday. There’s no way you’ll be getting any reimbursement for your baggage without insurance – a very bitter pill to swallow indeed.

Perhaps the worst thing that could happen on your holiday is to end up in a hospital. Whether it is your fault or someone else’s, you’re in hospital and and you’re probably going to have to pay something towards the bill if you are abroad. It doesn’t bare thinking about, but what about if you’re injuries are so severe that special travel arrangements are required to get you back home? It certainly isn’t cheap to charter a plane back to the UK and the embassy will take a dim view if you ask for their assistance. Insurance can help you out here and cover the costs for you ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment.

Losing personal effects such as your passport or driving license can also prove to be a huge hassle. With insurance that covers you against losing your personal property the blow of losing such important documents can be softened somewhat, and you may even find that your insurance assists you in getting new identification before your return flight.

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